Omnigraffle is My Best Friend



I’ve always found design software frustrating. My mind overflowing with inspiration, I’d open a fresh canvass, and immediately become annoyed. Nothing worked like I wanted it to. The icons were deceptive. The Youtube tutorials were painful. Then I met Omingraffle.

Omingraffle is the first piece of software that behaved exactly as I expected it to. It was magical. I’d like to personally thank everyone who designed it. For the first time in my UX journey, I felt empowered. I felt like I could really do this.

This is the first thing I designed. It’s actually a screenshot of my design in progress because unfortunately, I failed to save the file and was using a free trial account. Anyway, I’m super proud not so much of the outcome, but that I finally got started. The hardest step is always the first.

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  • Atanasio Segovia | January 17, 2015 | Reply

    Would love to see a post on your experience with Omnigraffle and Sketch.

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