People I Want to Work With

I interviewed someone today for a position. I left the interview instantly knowing that he is the kind of person I want to work with. When I was explaining attributes about him to another coworker, they laughed and said “that’s not something I ever think about when deciding if someone would be a good candidate for a position.” So I thought I’d take the time to identify the things I care about in a coworker:

1. They’re deep. They’re interested and unafraid of delving into people’s core motivations. They want to find out what makes people tick. They want to build products for and with people they have an intimate understanding of.

2. They’re fearless. When the world told them they couldn’t, they did it anyway. When a project was too big and overwhelming, they said where can I sign up.

3. They’re better then me. They have more experience and more skills. They can do exactly what I do everyday, but better and faster. Everything they touch is better because of it.

4. They require very little instruction. I can show them a project and say “wtf, help”. They then say, “Cool! I’ll fix the xyz on this page.”

5. They’re cooperative. They don’t create problems, they create solutions.

6. They’re influential. Having them on the team makes everyone want to work harder. Everyone want to be better. They raise the bar.

7. They’re on the level. There is very little pretense. There is very little politicking. There is no fake corporate interactions. Everyone just wants to make cool shit with cool people.

I don’t care what you are wearing or what IT thinks about your search history. If you come to work with a good attitude, good ideas, and get shit done, I’ll want you on my team.



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