3 Tips for Women in Tech

I think being a woman in tech is difficult. There is an entire history of socio political factors working against you. You have to be twice as good as the men on your team to be considered good enough to be there. A lot of people will disagree, but I think few would be women. Everyday will present different challenges and each woman will find her own voice and style of working through them.

Here are the three things that every woman should strive to do at work:

Trust Yourself

There are times when you are right and you will be told you are wrong. About an idea, about a process, about yourself. Women are raised to be nice and agreeable. Resist the habit of being submissive. Instead, be diplomatic. If you know you’re right, respectfully disagree. Sometimes you will think you are right, and you will be wrong. Be humble and thankful for the learning opportunity, just remember, being wrong once doesn’t forever invalidate your future opinion. Don’t be afraid to continue to own your truth.

Trust your experience

You will be scrutinized harshly. You will be asked to prove yourself more than your male coworkers. Trust what you know and what you’ve done. This does not apply exclusively to your work experience, this applies to every experience in your life. You are the minority and you bring a different perspective. You have experienced the world in a way that the men on your team cannot understand, a way that 50% of your customers do understand. Own that knowledge base and speak to it frequently.


Kavanah is a hebrew word. It means intention. It’s a word used to explain how you should pray–with concentration, with depth, with everything you have. If you want to be successful as a women in tech, you must work with kavanah. Bring passion and commitment to what you do, to every meeting, to every email, to every design. Kavanah comes from an energy that everyone possesses. It transcends the social constructs of gender. It’s another way to say, great each day with hustle and heart.

If you do these three things, if you love yourself, trust yourself, and work with passion, no one will every say “how did she get that job”. It’s not going to be easy, but we can do it together.

Want to join me?

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