Audible is Changing My Life

Since you have time to read this, stop and go to Audible. Create an account and download your first free book. I suggest Not That Kind of Girl or Creativity Inc. Both books are read by the author and both are outrageously entertaining and insightful. You may be thinking, I have trouble focusing, books on tape won’t work for me, la la la. I am here to tell you that I have more trouble focusing than you and what you have been doing wrong is listening to fiction. Listening to fiction is hard. Unless done well, the different voices and lame background sounds leave too many opportunities to daydream. Listening to memoirs however is like having an intimate conversation with a brilliant human that also wants to be your life coach. I have actually tripled the amount of books I can get through in a month.


Walking, driving, dishes, and folding laundry can now all become life changing experiences.
Your book list will grow at a slower pace (you’ll actually be checking some off).
Your conversations will become exponentially more interesting because you will always be absorbing new ideas.


The selection is limited.
I still haven’t mastered taking notes or highlighting passages. I know it’s a feature, I just haven’t figured it out.

Happy listening!
*The post was not sponsored, I just really like books on tape 🙂

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