My Cat’s Life is Perfect

I got to spend a lot of time with animals over the holidays. Having animals companions is almost certainly one of life’s greatest gift. I am constantly in awe that a tiny little creature has any interest in me at all. This had me thinking, how amazing would it be if a giant bear family adopted me as their pet! I could just spend the day sleeping on various overstuffed cushions positioned throughout the house, and whenever I felt like it, hop in bed with two giant, cuddly, fuzzy bears. Sure, I’d have no idea what they were every talking about, and yes it would get annoying sometimes when they cooed and fawned over me when I wasn’t in the mood. I would be frustrated when my attempts to get my needs met were laughed at or brushed off, and I would totally get bored of eating the same thing everyday. But at the end of the day, two giant creatures that were not of my species would pay my rent and let me just hang out! So anyway, if you know of a bear family looking for a human, I’m available for adoption.

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